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At GESIC Computers USA, service is our business. We are a knowledgeable and reliable partner offering a complete array of services when it comes to making technology work for your home or business. We provide helpdesk support to both the home end user and business community. Our suite of GESIC Computers USA Hardware, Hosting and Helpdesk services can provide you with the peace of mind you need to know that the problem will be resolved.

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GESIC Remote Support is highly affordable and can be extremely beneficial to home and business end-users. You can choose our Monthly subscription plans or Pay per issue options based on your requirements.

Monthly Subscription Plans

Yearly Subscription

Starting From $349.99
(Depending on Issue and System Configuration)

Half-Yearly Maintenance

Starting From $189.99
(Depending on Issue and System Configuration)
Single Session Option

Single Session

Starting From $49.95
(Depending on Issue and System Configuration)

With GESIC Computers USA remote helpdesk, you can cast all your system-related worries away! Our proactive support network and quick responses will help keep your IT environment functioning smoothly and flawlessly.

Our Services include:

  • - Monthly PC Maintenance & Technical Support
  • - Computer Optimization
  • - Windows Support
  • - Wireless Internet Support
  • - Printer Support
  • - Internet Support
  • - Virus Removal
  • - Spyware/Adware Removal
  • - Digital Camera Support and MP3 Support
  • - Support for Microsoft Office Products

Home Users & Small Business End Users
As a business owner or home user, are you forced to tackle

  • - Slow Network or System Performance?
  • - Operating System Boot Failure?
  • - Internet Connectivity Issues?
  • - Hardware Conflicts?
  • - Windows Freeze Ups?
  • - System Refusal to shut down?
  • - Memory Problems, Software Conflicts?
  • - Network Printer Problems?
  • - Data Backup Glitches?
  • - Illegal Operations Errors (Blue Screen of Death etc.)?
  • - Hardware Failures?

Support for Microsoft® Office

  • - Help and How-to
  • - Microsoft® Word
  • - Microsoft® Excel®
  • - Microsoft® Powerpoint®
  • - MIcrosoft® Publisher
  • - Microsoft® OneNote®
  • - Microsoft® Outlook ®